Grade It!!!

Grading Services:


$ 8 Per Card
  • 14 Busness Day Turnaround Time
  • Currently Grading up to 138PT, soon up to 180PT call for details
  • Option to Grade or Authenticate card
  • Auto Cards are given a grade for the Auto and the card unless otherwise stated
  • Pokemon, Magic, and Yu-Gi-Oh! slabs
  • Any card that is evaluated but not graded will incur a $3 charge for services
  • Send us your cards in card savers, Top Loaders accepted but discouraged. Please do not seal cards individually.
  • Flat Fee for all cards no matter how much they are valued. Our job is to Grade your Cards, not take advantage of you.
  • SImple: you send cards, we grade them then send a Pay Pal Invoice reflecting $8 per Card plus return shipping (Signature confirmation + Insurance). We do not make money on return shipping!
  • A $1 charge will be added to any thicker card graded with a 55PT, 75PT, 130PT, 180PT Slab.
Grade It!!!


$ 12 per card
  • Appointments suggested.
  • Wait for your cards
In Person!

Autograph Authentication

$ 12 Per Signature
  • Any Autographed item not a card, may be submitted for evaluation and authentication.
  • Autographed Cards Fall into row 1 Regular service
  • 7 Business day Turnaround
  • Walk-In or appointment Evaluations
  • $15 per Signature to get an Item authenticated While you wait.
  • $12 Per Signature
  • $5 for Certificate
3D Grading Services

Professional Grading

All Sports Cards/ Non-Sports Cards that are submitted will be graded unless determined to be tampered with or unauthentic. We only offer card Grading services at this time. We will Grade regular, Game Used, and certified Auto cards. In person Autographs can be Authenticated/ Graded. Currently we are accepting Standard sized cards 2 1/2′ x 3 1/2″ or smaller cards. Current thickness accepted is 138 Pt.

Grade It!!! As simple as 1-2-3...

Fill out Submission Form. 1 copy for you 1 for order

Mail your cards to us

When job is complete we will send you a Pay Pal invoice. Return shipping will be added.

Pay invoice on Pay Pal